Exceeding Expectations Since 1947

Launched out of a 5000 square foot building in Cayce, SC in 1947, the Marwin Company celebrated 75 years in business in 2022. Explore our journey to becoming the industry leader in attic stair manufacturing.
Marwin is part of the MBP Group family of companies.


Marwin Builders

The Beginning

The company name derived from three letters from each of Jesse's son’s names, MARion and edWIN, hence the name MARWIN.

Pictured (Left to Right): Jesse E Davis, President, Osborne Braziel, Vice President, & R.W. Lown, Assistant Manager.


Pull down attic stairs

Meeting Regional Demand

The Marwin Company, Inc. is formed. We begin production on our first pull down stairs to meet growing demand across the Southeast. We were the first attic stair manufacturer south of Tennessee.


Marwin Company

Marwin Relocates

Marwin relocated to its Atlas Road plant after five years in Cayce, SC.


Marwin West, Inc.

Marwin Expands

Marwin West, Inc. is established. Expanding into the Texas market we open an office in Mt. Pleasant, TX.


Insulated attic stair

Revolutionizing The Industry

Introduced the industry’s first weather-stripped and insulated attic stair under the Energy Saver product series.


R5 and R10 certified insulated attic stair

Energy Saving Innovation

Introduced the Industry’s first R-5 and R-10 certified insulated attic stair under the ThermaBLOC product series.


ThermaBLOC Insulated Scuttle Door System

Scuttle Door Innovation

Introduced the ThermaBLOC Insulated Scuttle Door System and the Kneewall Attic Access Door.


Marwin West Columbia

West Columbia, SC Expansion

Company moves to its current location in West Columbia, SC.


Marwin Company

Marwin, the third generation

Edwin and Marion Davis retired as the company transitioned to the third generation of Davis' and financial partner.

Marwin Company

MBP Group

Marwin is part of the MBP Group family of companies.


Marwin Family Day 2022

Marwin Company Celebrating 75 Years